INTERVIEWDeloveloper of SUPALIV, Doctor Inufusa

Please tell us why and how you came to develop "SUPALIV" .

The main reason is that my friend discussed with me about a development for a product which deals with alcohol metabolization and alcohol related health problems.

His name is Markus Matuschka, a chairman for the board of the TIMA Foundation, a medical foundation in Europe.

When alcohol enters the body, it is metabolized into a toxic substance called acetaldehyde. It is genetically impossible for the half of us Japanese(mongoloids), to produce an enzyme called ALDH2 which decomposes acetaldehyde.
When the level of acetaldehyde in the body rises, it causes various diseases.
Our research and development took off in order to prevent these diseases caused by acetaldehyde.

Later, with research funding from TIMA Foundation and support from co-researchers, a prototype of "SUPALIV" was developed.
Data was collected through clinical trials and animal testing which led to its improvement. Product sales began in 2010 after patents were granted.

Please tell us about "SUPALIV"

Alcohol is metabolized into acetaldehyde when it enters the body and processed into acetic acid to be discharged. More than 90% of the metabolization takes place at tiny organs called mitochondria in liver cells.
There are a number of enzymes involved in an alcohol metabolization cycle in the body, which is quite complicated. One or two elements just won't make the whole process faster.

The mitochondria plays an important role in this metabolization cycle.
This mechanism of the cycle is behind the patented creation of "SUPALIV" which is composed of 8 active ingredients in a golden proportion.

You may have already heard of the natural ingredients contained in "SUPALIV", and have never heard of "SUPALIV" in advetisements.

However, a lot of celebrities love this product and we have sold over 4 million units by the end of 2017.
I don’t know much about other companies' products, but I am sure that this is the result of satisfied customers repeating this product.

The best thing about our product is that it is based on scientific evidence.

Why did you stop practicing medicine to research and develop "SUPALIV" ?

I have worked as a surgeon and a cancer researcher for 25 years at Kinki University, Faculty of Medicine.
I faced a number of patients everyday, but I realized that there was a limit to that number if I was just a doctor.

I hoped to pursue a life in which I could help more people in need, and that is when my friend approached me with the idea of "SUPALIV".

I became convinced that I could fulfill my goal if I devoted myself to research and development.
That is how I quit being a surgeon to live this life now.

I am currently engaged in a research on antioxidants at Gifu University, and I think that it is every person's dream "to live longer and healthier".
We now know that more than 150 diseases have deep connections with oxidant-stress.
If we are able to decrease oxidant-stress, we can apply it to therapy to prevent those diseases.
I am hoping to further contribute to society with this research.